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Wildfire Smoke

Wildfire smoke

Spokane’s current air quality rating can change hourly as changes in the wind and fire activity impact the direction of the smoke.  As wildfire smoke continues to move into the Spokane area, it can pose a health threat especially for children, older adults, and people with lung or heart disease.

Here are some recommendations from the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency since reducing your smoke exposure is important for everyone’s health:

  • Get your doctor’s advice about your risks and medications.
  • Stay indoors and keep your indoor air as clean as possible. Set your air conditioning to “recirculate”; this includes the air conditioning in your cars.
  • When the air quality is poor, limit or avoid your time outdoors.
  • Check on your neighbors and have someone check on you.
  • If you have children in summer camps or childcare, make sure to ask about their smoke plans.
  • Masks are a last resort if you must be outdoors. They do not work for everyone and may be hazardous to some.  If you need to use a mask, use an N95 or N100 respirator and make sure it fits properly.
  • Take care of your pets; they can be affected by wildfire smoke too.