Each year, millions of acres of land burn in the US due to wildfires. Washington State and Spokane County are not free from the risk of wildfire. More than 800,000 acres burned in Washington’s 2020 fire season. According to the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (WA-DNR), they staff more wildfire engines here in the northeast corner of the state than in any other area of the state.  In fact, they stated that the leading cause of wildfires in Spokane County during 2020, was due to the result of escaped debris burns.  Remember, the burning of yard debris is not permitted in our jurisdiction.


There are steps that you can take to help your home better survive the risk of wildfire. Here are a few activities you can take this weekend to protect your home by creating a 5’ buffer around your house. It is especially key to make this area around your house less susceptible to the risk of flying embers. An ember is a small, glowing piece of superheated wood, coal or other material that remains after (or sometimes precedes) a fire. Dry or dead plant matter and flammable furniture can act as tinder for the embers to quickly spread and jump from your yard to your house. Flying embers can destroy homes up to a mile from wildland areas. Here are steps that you can take this weekend to help your home better survive the risk of wildfire:


·        Clear out any dead plant material, pine needles, leaves, and combustible mulch from the area around your house

·        Remove flammable materials from the area around your house

·        Clear out your gutters, rood, gables, deck, and crawlspace

·        Clear our firewood, outdoor furniture, trash cans, etc.

·        Remove items from under your deck

·        Keep this area “lean, clean, and green”          ​


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