Spokane Valley Fire has a new Ladder Truck. Ladder 8 is a tiller drawn apparatus. This new Truck was designed by SVFD personnel who are and will be the end users of Ladder 8. This truck is designed to be especially efficient, effective and tailored for use to meet our specific community’s needs.

Tiller trucks are ladder trucks and are called Tillers from the rear end steering component and the trucks ability to articulate.

Why did SVFD buy another Tiller drawn apparatus you might ask?

  • Compartment space – it’s fully equipped for all SVFD operations, including technical rescue, firefighting, Jaws-of-Life, and a full complement of Emergency Medical Equipment including Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment.
  • Reach – The aerial ladder on this Truck can extend up to 107 ft. This reach is important to enable our firefighters to get to the roofs and upper windows of multi-story buildings especially when they have to park further away in order to get access.
  • Compliance with Washington State laws on allowable vehicle weights per axel. This new ladder truck spreads the heavy vehicle out over several axles which ensures we are under that legal weight requirement.

In short, this new TDA meets the legal weight limits, has added compartmentation, has an increase in reach, and maintains the ability to get into and out of tight spots.  With our new Ladder 8 being 60 feet long, we have the ability to get it in and out of the many commercial and apartment buildings throughout the Spokane Valley Fire District.  Our retired ladder truck was not as effective nor as efficient being over the legal weight limit, lacking compartment space, and reach.

The addition of this new ladder 8 truck was part of the voter approved levy for 2020- 2023.

Watch the virtual tour of our new ladder 8 and see just how incredible this new Tiller Truck is for our community.

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