The SVFD will continue taking the lead in the region on advancing the quality of Emergency Management Systems (EMS).  Our newest efforts in resuscitation will be to evaluate the Lucas 3 device to improve patient outcomes, operational efficiencies, and resource utilization.

The Lucas 3 device will:

  • Improve the quality of chest compressions
  • Increase the ETCO2 levels
  • Provide for prolonged resuscitation attempts
  • Provide consistent compressions during patient movement and transport
  • Remove the need for rotating personnel on chest compressions

Lucas Device Demo











Click HERE to view a video demonstration of the Lucas Device.


SVFD also is utilizing Electronic Health Reporting technology to electronically transmit patient care information to AMR and the hospital.  This is amazing technology that allows patient information to transfer at an accelerated pace ahead of the patient to AMR and the hospital for improved patient outcomes.  This effort has been ongoing for the past two years with revisions and improvements on-going to the many complex software challenges.  At this time we are gathering data on transfer times to guide future improvements.

Example of EHR Screen









Click HERE to view the latest SVFD EMS presentation.

SVFD EMS Update Presentation













About SVFD
Spokane Valley Fire Department serves the City of Spokane Valley, City of Liberty Lake, City of Millwood and the surrounding unincorporated areas of Spokane County with a combined population of 125,000 across 75 square miles. SVFD firefighters and paramedics responded to more than 17,280 emergency calls in 2017. Established in 1940, SVFD is an Accredited Agency by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International, one of only a handful in Washington State.


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