Spokane Valley Fire Department and the Starbucks at Pines and Sprague have joined forces to honor those who demonstrate good citizenship.  When Fire Fighters respond to a call and find a citizen already on hand helping, they offer more than just a thank you.  Starbucks has a $4.00 thank you reward card for SVFD Firefighters to give along with that thank you.  For Starbucks and SVFD, it’s about connecting to people in the community they serve.

“It’s about demonstrating the Starbuck’s Mission and Values to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time,” said Starbuck’s Store Manager Kara Martin. “The hope is to touch lives locally in a person’s or a business’s neighborhood or backyard, and then, to grow that impact significantly with the greater community regionally and globally.”

Serving the area community is a big deal to SVFD Firefighters.  When they see citizens going that extra mile to serve others, they feel that person should be rewarded.  And thanks to Starbucks, they have been able to do just that.

“The Starbucks program will provide each crew with an opportunity to say thank you to community members that help them in different ways to acknowledge someone for their help and assistance,” said Spokane Fire Marshal, Greg Rogers. “It is something so simple that could make a big difference in our community.”

Eighty vouchers were provided initially to launch the program in March.  Each SVFD apparatus carries 5 vouchers to hand out when they are on a call and notice a citizen demonstrating good citizenship.

SVFD Fire Marshal, Greg Rogers and Starbuck’s Store Manager, Kara Martin have been approached by both Seattle and Portland Starbucks about this program for implementation in their own communities.

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