Safety Tip: Stay Safe this Holiday Season


Holiday Fire Safety Tips

Each holiday season, fire departments across the U.S. respond to an average of 230 home fires started with Christmas trees. Electrical failures or malfunctions are a Christmas treefactor in one third of all Christmas tree fires. Stay safe this holiday season by following a few simple safety tips.

  • Live Christmas Trees:
    • Buy a fresh tree – needles should not break off easily
    • Place the tree at least 3 feet away from all heat sources
    • Keep the tree in a water-filled stand and water daily. Brown needles or lots of fallen needles indicate a dangerously dried-out tree which should be discarded immediately. Watch the difference!
    • Decorate with lights that have a label from a recognized testing laboratory. Throw away any lights with worn or broken cords or loose connections
    • Never connect more than three strands of incandescent lights together
    • Dispose of your live tree after the holiday or when it becomes dry
    • Turn off all lights on your live tree before leaving home or going to bed
  • Candles — add a festive feeling, and should be placed in stable holders and located away from curtains, drafts, pets and children. Never leave candles burning attended, even for a short time.
  • Holiday lights — should be checked for fraying or broken wires and plugs. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when joining two or more strands together, as a fire hazard could result from overload. Enjoy indoor holiday lighting only while someone is home and turn off lights before going to bed at night.
  • Fire extinguishers – keep an all-purpose fire extinguisher within easy reach. Extinguishers specifically formulated for grease and cooking fuel fires are available and can supplement an all-purpose extinguisher. To operate the extinguisher, use the P.A.S.S. method: Pull. Aim. Squeeze. Sweep.
  • Smoke alarms – make sure you have working smoke alarms in your home. Request a free Home Fire Safety Visit and we’ll install smoke alarms, as needed.
  • Escape plan – having an escape plan is one of the most important measures to prevent death in a fire.  Put your plan together today!

For more information, call the Spokane Valley Fire Department’s Prevention Division at 928-1700.


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