Spokane Valley Fire Department (SVFD) Fire Chief, Bryan Collins, announced plans to provide the Spokane Valley Fire Department with an officer wellness App to support their mental health and well-being. The wellness tool will be an App installed on phones to help Spokane Valley Firefighters and retired Firefighters with their personal health and wellness needs. Many Firefighters experience PTSD after years of service in traumatic situations.

“Our firefighters face tremendous mental and physical stressors, pressures, and demands throughout the course of their careers,” said Spokane Valley Fire Department Fire Chief, Bryan Collins.  “We need to make sure that they are healthy and well, and always present for our communities when called to serve.”

The Cordico App is a tool that allows Firefighters a place to leave their work at work, go home and be present there, and most importantly have a chance at that work-life balance.

“Sometimes Firefighters can’t unsee, unsmell, or unhear some of those 911 calls they go on.  Some of them are heart wrenching.  Some of them are painful.  All of them become memories that as a Firefighter, we have to manage and set aside to meet each new day’s emergency call,” said Firefighter and Local 876 President, Shawn Pichette. “This Wellness App provides First Responders confidential access to therapists, peer support, help with emotional stress, stress management, PTSD and other needs.”

The Wellness App provides access to therapists, peer support, and the leading Firefighter wellness solution available nationwide offering confidential, in-hand, on-demand 24/7 access to 30+ modules on topics such as alcohol, depression, emotional health, family support, financial fitness, mindfulness, psychological first aid, sleep optimization, and stress management.

“First responders tend to build walls in order to separate themselves from the harsh reality of their job,” said SVFD Fire Commissioner, Mike Kester. “In doing so, some take it home and keep up those walls with their loved ones. There’s no way to decompress as it were.”

About Cordico

Cordico proudly serves more than 200 public service agencies as the trusted provider of psychological services and innovative wellness programs. Cordico’s mobile wellness apps are aimed at strengthening workforce retention, resilience and well-being. The CordicoShield Wellness Solution provides 24/7/365 confidential support for law enforcement personnel. CordicoShield places the most comprehensive and trusted wellness resources directly into the hands of firefighters so that high-quality, customized wellness support is available on-demand, at the push of a button.

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