Did you know that over 80% of the calls that Spokane Valley Fire Department responds to are Emergency Medical calls (EMS)?  While some of those calls are from residents with pre-existing medical conditions, many of the calls for assistance are due to preventable injuries.

Below, we list some steps you can take in your home to keep your children safer. Safe Kids Worldwide has developed a Home Safety Checklist that takes you through each room in your home:

  • Bathroom – Water Safety: Check to make sure the water temperature is cool enough so as not to burn young, sensitive skin. Keep an eye on young children when they are in/near water.
  • Bathroom – Medicine Safety: Keep all medications and vitamins out of sight and out of reach of children/youth.
  • Bedroom: Choose firm mattresses and keep cribs clear of toys and soft bedding that pose a suffocation risk.
  • Stairs: Secure safety gates at the bottom and top of stairs.
  • Kitchen: To prevent burns, cook on the back burners and keep pot handles turned away from where little hands can reach and grab. Keep hot foods away from the edge of countertops. Establish a 3’ kid-free-zone around stoves/ovens.
  • Family Room: Use wall brackets or braces to secure bookcases, TVs, and other top-heavy pieces of furniture from falling onto children.
  • Poison Prevention: Keep all household cleaning and laundry supplies out of sight and out of reach of children.
  • Firearm safety: Always store firearms unloaded and locked in a firearm safe separate from ammunition.
  • Prevent Choking and Strangulation: Keep small objects away from children. Make sure toys are age appropriate. Keep cords/strings out of reach of children.
  • Fire Safety: Keep matches and lighters locked up and out of reach of children/youth.

Home safety begins with awareness. With the safety tips listed above, you can now take action to help prevent injuries in your homes.

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