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Fire Prevention Week is October 9–15, 2022

Fire won’t wait. Plan your escape.™

Each year during the week including October 9, fire departments across the country observe Fire Prevention Week. This is the 100th anniversary of Fire Prevention Week which was started to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Fire Prevention Week is a time to learn how to stay safe in case of fire. Fire Prevention Week this year runs from October 9 – 15. This year’s theme is “Fire won’t wait. Plan your escape.™”

Today’s homes, with modern building materials and furnishings, burn hotter and faster than before. You may have only two to three minutes to escape your home once the smoke alarms have sounded. Your ability to get out of your house fast depends on the warning from working smoke alarms and your planning.

Smoke alarms sense smoke well before we can. Smoke alarms need to be in every bedroom or sleeping area, outside those sleeping areas and bedrooms, as well as one on every level of your home, including basements. Your escape plan should include two ways out of every room as well as an outside meeting place. Your plan should be built considering any special needs of your family members, including children, older adults, and individuals with disabilities. Practice your plan at least twice a year, once in daylight, and again with evening light. Make sure everyone can get out in less than three minutes.

Join us on social media each day this week and learn about smoke alarms and home fire escape plans! Contact us directly at (509) 928-1700 if you have any questions about your home fire escape plan.