SVFD Home Inspections Note Lack of CO Detectors in Homes

Spokane Valley Fire Home Fire Safety Visits are noticing a lack of Carbon Monoxide detectors in homes.  Carbon Monoxide poisoning is often called the silent killer because of its odorless, colorless gas quality.   SVFD is asking residents to check their homes for Carbon Monoxide Detectors and to make sure they are in working order.   The National Fire Protection Association reported fire departments responded to an average of 9 calls per hour in which carbon monoxide was found.

  • CO alarms should be installed in a central location outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home.
    • Interconnect all CO alarms throughout the home for the best protection.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for placement and mounting height.
  • Choose a CO alarm that is listed by a qualified testing laboratory.

HFSV’s also found several homes where “chirping” had been misidentified as smoke detector chirping when it has actually been from CO detectors.  Firefighters are concerned that homeowners will start to remove batteries from smoke detectors, thinking that is the cause, and then forget to reinstall the batteries, leaving them without smoke alarm protection.

Check your homes today.  CO Detectors and Smoke Alarms save lives.  Just last year in Spokane, SVFD installed a smoke detector that saved the lives of a Spokane Valley family 6 months later.

The SVFD went to over 300 homes, 95 of those homes wanted a free inspection.  305 brand new smoke alarms were installed free of charge. The Baileys’ house was one of them.  Five smoke alarms were installed in the home free of charge. Those alarms saved the family.

Schedule a free Home Fire Safety Visit online at or by calling 892-4153.

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