Mayor Shane Brickner, proclaimed the week of January 20, 2020 as Community Risk Reduction Week.

Liberty Lake Mayor S. Brickner

“The importance of getting ahead of an emergency call by implementing preventive fire safety practices in homes and businesses is something every citizen, home owner, and business should implement,” said Mayor Shane Brickner.

This week is the first ever nationally recognized CRR Week. CRR matters to the safety and health of communities nationwide.  Spokane Valley Fire Department (SVFD) has been incorporating CRR practices throughout the SVFD Fire District to increase safety for all residents and businesses that reside here.

“CRR brings a lot of value in communities through practices that educate and create safety for everyone,” said Spokane Valley Fire Department Fire Marshal, Greg Rogers.  “The SVFD not only prepares for emergency response situations, they work on ways to prevent the need for emergency response as well through community education, community partnerships, community service, and analyzing ways to reduce community risk.”

CRR programs that are making a difference in the Spokane Valley Fire District include:

  • Older Adult Falls Awareness
  • Smoke Alarm installation blitzes that have saved 11 lives
  • Proper cigarette disposal awareness – a fire in Liberty Lake last night was from improper cigarette disposal. In the Spokane Valley region, there have been 3 in the last few months
  • Community use of the PulsePoint App increasing the chance of cardiac arrest survival through the rapid response of someone nearby being able to start CPR
  • Education on life saving skills such as CPR and Stop the Bleed
  • And so much more.

Through Community Risk Reduction (CRR) practices education and services are provided that keep us and the communities we serve, all safe and healthy.

For more information on CRR programs, call 509.928.1700 and ask to speak with a Community Risk Reduction Manager.

2020 Community Risk Reduction Week - Liberty Lake

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