Spokane Valley Fire Department and Safe Kids Spokane have teamed up to present a Virtual Bike Rodeo! The rodeo is available online for youth and their families to watch and then to practice together. The videos teach various aspects of bicycle safety and injury prevention.  Upon completion of the Virtual Bike Rodeo Course, you can submit your course completion checklist to be eligible for a drawing to receive one of four bikes!

The American Association of Neurological Surgeons states that the number one sports-related head-injury category among children ages 14 and younger is cycling.  However, according to Safe Kids Worldwide, “A properly-fitted helmet is the most effective way to prevent a head injury resulting from a bicycle crash.” Helmets provide the best protection against head and brain injury. Helmets should be worn by everyone, regardless of age, ability to ride, or even distance you plan to ride. Help your child get in the habit of wearing a helmet by starting when they are young. Be a good role model and wear a helmet yourself on every ride.

Here are Safe Kids Worldwide’s top five tips to help you stay safe on your bicycles:

  1. Wear a properly-fitted helmet. It is the best way to prevent head injuries and death.
  1. Ride on the sidewalk when you can. If not, ride in the same direction as traffic as far on the right-hand side as possible.
  2. Use hand signals and follow the rules of the road. Be predictable by making sure you ride in a straight line and don’t swerve between cars.
  3. Wear bright colors and use lights, especially when riding at night and in the morning. Reflectors on your clothes and bike will help you be seen.
  4. Adults, ride with your children. Stick together until you are comfortable that your kids are ready to ride on their own.

Start your Virtual Bike Rodeo Course here!  This first series of videos talks to youth and their families about why it is important to protect your brain by wearing a helmet, and how to properly fit a bike helmet. There is also a video on correct hand signals to get you started on your way. Youth currently in need of a helmet can contact Safe Kids Spokane. Check back regularly as more virtual bike rodeo challenges will be coming to you over the next several weeks!

After completing the Virtual Bike Rodeo Video lessons and skills, complete the checklist and contact Safe Kids Spokane to be entered into their drawing for one of four bicycles!


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