Spring 2021 Recreational Burning Joint Release

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Spokane Valley Fire has seen a significant increase in illegal burn calls.  2020 had a big impact on illegal burning countywide.  With Wildfire Season just around the corner, there are some concerns for the fire safety of our community.

Here is a 6 year look at illegal burning calls in the Spokane Valley Fire District:

Year Total YTD YoY Change YoY % Change
2021 83 24 40.68%
2020 59 27 84.38%
2019 32 -19 -37.25%
2018 51 24 88.89%
2017 27 -25 -48.08%
2016 52 -2 -3.70%


With spring and warmer weather conditions here, it is important as we begin resuming outdoor yard work and spring cleaning to have a clear understanding of what is legal to burn and what is not.

To keep air quality clean and reduce area fire risk, we want to remind our community members that the burning of garbage, including construction material, and the use of burn barrels is prohibited statewide. Burning outdoors, including yard debris, is not allowed in areas served by Spokane Valley Fire Department.

If you want to enjoy an outdoor recreational fire, please “Be Fire Smart” and follow these burning requirements:

  • Only burn clean, dry firewood or manufactured logs,
  • Recreational fires cannot be used for disposal of anything, including natural yard/garden vegetation,
  • Burn 25’ away from any structure, like a house, garage, or fence,
  • Have an extinguisher or charged water hose nearby,
  • Stay near the fire,
  • Fires can be no larger than 3’ wide and 2’ tall, and
  • Put out the fire completely!

Remember, recreational fires that get out-of-control are a common cause of wildfires caused by people. A person can be held financially responsible for the cost of fire department response and any property damage caused.

You may ask what you can do with your yard debris, here are some alternatives to burning:

  • Grasscycling uses your grass clippings as a natural fertilizer,
  • Chipping and mulching inhibits weeds, retains moisture and releases nutrients,
  • Composting of ordinary yard and kitchen waste,
  • Your garbage hauler may offer curbside pick-up or “clean green” pick-up services, and
  • Haul your yard debris to the nearest Transfer Station.

Typically, during July through September outdoor burning is restricted by fire officials due to fire danger. Always check current burn conditions before starting any fire. For information on current burn conditions, visit or call the Burn Status hotline at (509) 477-4710.


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