Key Documents

Key Documents

The following are key documents created and used by SVFD for planning, operations and financial purposes. Read more by clicking on the titles below.

2020 Annual Budget Report Cover Thumbnail

Annual Operating Budget – 2020

The Department’s plan for expected revenues and intended expenditures for the fiscal year, which runs January 1 – December 31. The development and eventual adoption of the budget requires careful, prudent planning by the entire leadership team and the Board of Fire Commissioners.

Strategic Plan 2018-2023Strategic Plan 2018-2023

A key foundational document that provides guidance as we work to build and improve our organization, the Strategic Plan was developed by a cross-section of stakeholders. The plan includes trends, opportunities and challenges that could significantly impact our organization over the next five years.

2019 Annual Finance Report Final Unaudited COVER Thumbnail

2019 Annual Finance Report (Unaudited)

A report for our community that describes revenues and expenditures for the 2019 fiscal year which runs January 1 – December 31.



Spokane Valley CRASOC Cover ThumbnailStandards of Cover

A plan for continuous improvement, this is a lengthy, detailed document that establishes the distribution, concentration and deployment of fixed and mobile resources for our organization. The Standards of Cover is an essential document tied to our status as an Internationally Accredited Fire Department.

svfd_2014-ems-master-plan-coverEmergency Services Master Plan – 2014

Used by the Department for future planning for the delivery of comprehensive emergency services to our citizens, this plan evaluates current conditions, projects future growth, development and service demand, and provides recommendations to enhance current services and provide an equal level of service over the next 10 to 15 years.

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