For Contractors & Developers

For Contractors & Developers

Spokane Valley Fire Department’s Prevention Division conducts plan reviews for buildings; tenant improvements; engineered grading; fire sprinkler and alarm systems; and land actions such as shortplats and subdivisions. These reviews provide for public and occupant safety as well as meeting the needs of emergency responders.

Provided is information on submittal requirements, fees, applications, and code requirements.

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Final Acceptance Forms

Kitchen Hood Certificate of Installation

Paint Booth Certificate of Installation

Informational Bulletins

Level U Requirements

Med Gas Inspection

Med Gas Room Labeling

System Inspection Requirements

Submittal Requirements

Requirements for Floor Plan Drawing

Requirements for Double Gates

Requirements for Fire Department Site Plan Drawing

Requirements for Fire Department Access Roads

Requirements for Plat Design Drawing

Submittal Requirements for Fire Alarm

Submittal Requirements for Hazardous Tanks

Submittal Requirements for Underground Fire Supply

Submittal Requirements for Fire Suppression

Submittal Requirements for Tents

Third Party Annual Inspection Forms

Third Party Fire Alarm Inspection Report

Third Party Hood Inspection Report

Third Party Med Gas Inspection Report

Third Party Smoke Detector Sensitivity Report

Third Party Fire Sprinkler Inspection Report

Permit Fees

2017 Permit Fee Spreadsheet

Fire Safety Permit Application

Fire Safety Permit Application

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