Burning Do’s and Dont’s

Burning Do’s and Dont’s

Outdoor burning may be restricted depending on type of burning and the time of year.  These restrictions are intended to reduce fire danger and protect public health.

Garbage, Yard Waste and Debris – Never Allowed
Outdoor burning for disposal purposes is illegal in the SVFD service area, at all times. Read more about alternatives to burning yard debris.

Recreational Fires – Not Allowed – Burn Ban in Effect since July 29, 2016
Outdoor recreational fires are not allowed in the SVFD service area, due to fire danger. This includes campfires and fire pits. Learn more.

Parks and Campgrounds
Campfires and other types of burning in state parks and campgrounds are regulated by the Department of Natural Resources. Read more.

Spokane County Burning Conditions – Current
The Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency maintains a current list of burning conditions. Read more.


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